The peats are (mostly) in and being burned at quite a rate. Today we had the first snow, maybe them expensive tyres will get some use afterall.
Up the croft


The Taits

through TC I've met some pretty amazing people in the last few years, none more awesome than the Taits, both artists living and working in the Black Isle. TC just bought one of their rare collaborations; "Priestess"
“Erlend Tait grew up on the Black Isle, listening to Heavy Metal, reading comics and drawing pictures. He studied drawing and painting at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, and then learned the ancient techniques of glass painting and staining while restoring windows in historic buildings throughout Scotland. This has informed his approach to picture-making, where pattern and symbolism combine to convey his state of perpetual confusion and blind positivity." (from this show) He's also a pretty rad MTBer.
“Pamela Tait uses coloured pencils as her media of choice and creates portraits that are exquisite destinations for the eyes. The added combination of phrases, usually conjoined with the subject in some form or fashion, add an extra layer of depth that is sometimes poignant and sometimes comical, other times mysterious. These elements – which are sometimes very design based and lend their hand to a sort of pop art feel in her work – make Pamela’s work quite unique in a sea of contemporary portrait makers." (from here)
A recent animation colaboration from Pamela:

All in all sickeningly talented and insanely beautiful people.

Erlend Tait.

Pamela Tait.

oh what a lazy year

0f sorts...
this is frankenbike at the Tighnabruaich triathalon in July, I recieved my degree results the night before the race. A 2:1 in Ecology and Conservation 8 years in the making. It was quite a weekend. The G7 came to the end of its days with a fatal lens error, it was great compact and I'll miss it. The G7 is dead, long live the 500D.
A grand total of 2 days spent at the beach, my surfing has dropped to pre2009 levels, something I must begin to rectify. And yet! I am consolled to a degree by the advent of MOTH:
Plenty fishes for us.




On another note, I was lying about the winter swells, 20ft today and windy with it. And my wonderful tank of a car is once again honking of fusty wetsuit and pukey sex wax, ahhhhhhhh.